Carrots weren't always orange

No. They were actually purple, or red or maybe yellow and then, sometime in the 1500s, a group of Dutch patriots decided they wanted a really direct way to communicate with their fellow countrymen. So, naturally enough, they turned to carrots.

Through cross-breeding, our inventive Dutchmen created something that was more than a humble source of nourishment. The carrot became a talisman; a symbol of support for their cause and a fomenter of revolution against an oppressive foreign power. (It also looked really nice in salads).

Carrots were modified to visually project an idea, to communicate a particular set of values, to inspire a reaction in the consumer. Carrots were rebranded.

And that's what we do. Well, admittedly, we tend not to get involved with root vegetables but in many other ways we help people to communicate better. Much better. We talk with stakeholders, we distil values, we formulate identities, we deliver information, we explain concepts, we excite consumers, we sell products. We build brands.

Image of orange carrots